Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why Are You Still Single? Is This Question Overheard?

Why Are You Still Single? This question seems to be overheard by many singles like me I'm sure you can agree. My questions is, does there have to be a specific reason? Maybe we have many reasons why we are still single right? I thought I'd put together a video vlog pointing-out why myself and I'm certain many singles have not tied the knot and gotten married nor are they in a committed relationship.

While I'm okay being single and enjoying life, I didn't plan on it and I actually would love to be hitched with a great guy. My purpose for this vlog is I'm starting be made to feel that some people look down on or judge those who are still single especially when they are 30 and older. Has anyone noticed this?  They are  like you're still single? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? I'm like, NOTHING IT JUST HASN'T HAPPENED FOR ME YET?

What are your views on this subject? If you're single I'd love to hear why and if you're not, I'd love your views on why you believe many people are still single. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Check out my vlog right here. Thanks


  1. I'm still single because I haven't found the right person for me and I won't settle for less! I have to be true to me ... in the mean time I do put myself out there and do date all types in the hopes of finding the right fit. Great thought provoking questions!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. There are tons of reasons many people remain single and they aren't just negative or bad reasons as many may think.

  2. Thanks or the feedback. Its more than just ONE reason many people are still single and they aren't all negative.

  3. I think that some women just believe in taking their time to find the right one. The older you get then maybe the more selective one can get. Others may be focused on their career too much to be consumed with a relationship. Whatever the reason, there's nothing shameful about being single. Being single and being lonely are two different things! Great vlog.


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