Friday, October 18, 2013

What's Your Foot Story? Are we Judging People By Looks Only?

I write about relationships and dating and over time I've noticed lately that people just don't seem to really want to get to know YOU as a person anymore if you don't seem to have an immediate benefit for them. Have you noticed this too?

They are not interested in your journey through life and how you ended up where you are today nor do they seem to care. Being a single woman over time I've come to learn that I have to be confident in who I am, where I am, with what I have right now before I'll be able to reach new heights in life. Here's the thing.....We care far too much about what complete strangers think about us than what we think about ourselves!!

I want you to imagine yourself sitting next to someone who you don't know and have never met. Now imagine that same person out of no where just comes out and asks you if you have pretty feet because they only like people with pretty feet. They didn't ask you what your name was, nor did they introduce themselves. They just asked you if you have pretty feet because that's one of their "requirements!" If you're trying out for a foot commercial this may be understandable but just an average person? This is good old fashion judgement designed to break your self-esteem down just a little bit more.

 What would that feel like to know that this person didn't want to take the time to learn more about you as a person, they didn't care that you are a really nice person who loves to cook and enjoys long walks in the park they just wanted to make sure you met their requirements immediately. Judging you by your appearance right away! Rejecting you if you don't fit their mold!

Now lets take it one step further, imagine that same person asking you out of no where, if you have real hair because they only date women who wear their real hair. How about the car you drive? What if they asked if you have a Mercedes or a Lexus because they only date women who drive luxury cars? What about the neighbor hood you live in? They want to know because if you live in a trashy neighborhood then they view you as trash!  You see where I'm going here right?

 You're being asked if you have pretty feet and to prove things about yourself but they never care to find out what your foot journey is. What your story is, where your feet have taken you through life. Did you make it out of an abusive relationship with those feet? Did you recently recently step out on faith and start a new chapter in your life with those feet? Did you beat drug addiction in those feet? What about overcoming your fears in those feet? What's your foot story? We all have one.People use judging others as a way to block what they dis-like about themselves!

The thing is, these days especially while dating no one CARES about you or your story they just want what they want and they want it to be how they want it! f you don't look like the people on television who they may view as perfect then to them, you're nothing! But you're NOT the people on television, you're YOU!! Being hesitant to get to know others when dating or in life period  is okay if you see the person is not growing and you know the person will only bring you down but how do you know if you don't take the time to find out? This can start to tear you apart and make you feel like you aren't good enough! You work hard to look good and you took the time to put on your favorite dress and get your hair styled in a style that you felt was very becoming on you. All of this and now you're being told that you're just not good enough because of where you live?? Because you don't have pretty feet? Because you don't drive a fancy car yet? What about your journey? You made it through so much, does that even matter?

 Today I want you to not only ask that lady for her number but call her and really take the time to get to know her, you may be surprised! Don't just try to get her n bed or use her for a trophy to brag to your friends about, embrace her flaws and all! If he's trying to show you he cares.....let him! It may not be a whole lot yet, but don't miss out on what could be because you didn't see it fast enough! Men are you going to reject what could be your soul mate over a corn on her toe?

 I want you all to know that you are more than just your feet and the journey you've been through in those feet. You are more than just some guys need for pretty toes because you have much to offer in those feet. You have overcome a lot in those feet and you should be proud in those feet! You' heading places in those feet and guess what? Those feet got you here today right?

 Tinzley Bradford


  1. It's a product of the microwave society in which we live. People want instant gratification. Forget trying to take time to get to know you. "Where are the feet?" LOL! Patience is still a virtue and people who get approached for someone only interested in "the physical" should wait on something better to come along.

    1. You're right Q. I know looks can be important to many but they better start seeking what's inside too before they can see these toes!! Thanks! Lol


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