Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let's Meet in the Middle *Dating Tips*

In today's world it's getting more and more challenging to find true and long term love. Why do you think that is? I think it has a lot to do with judgement and people looking down on others because that person isn't considered what they may see as perfect. Let's face it......who is perfect these days? No one!!!

What I'm starting to learn is you have to meet in the middle and grow from there. Are we becoming too tic for tac? I think so but it started because of something we've experienced over the years. Now we're like if he doesn't do this, then I'm not going to do that! Am I right so far?

Many men seem to be looking for a women just like the ladies he see's on television because that's how he views perfection. But here's the thing, in the real world, everyone won't look like that or act like that. Hello, come back to planet earth and date the women who live here on earth not in la la land. What I mean by this statement is, it's okay to be inspired by a persons beauty and admire them from a far but you should not be trying to fine an exact clone of someone you've seen on TV. That good woman you've been overlooking just may be the one for you. I've seen far too many guys with their pants sagging down and their butt line showing yet they have the audacity to want a perfect woman??? And You Wanna See My Feet? Start by pulling up your pants and cover up your butt line please!!

I'd love it of you watch today's video and share your views. Thanks and have a fantastic day!


  1. Great vlog post! You're absolutely right about how men need to bring something to the table as well. Although we're more visual than women, it doesn't excuse us from trying to look as good as we can.

  2. Thanks Q and a man doesn't even have to be all that cute just keep himself up just as he expects me to. And he wanna see my feet? He'd better be worth it! Lol


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