Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finding Peace in Your Life. Can People Just SHUT UP????

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 Do People Just Talk Too Much and do way too much? Do you want to just turn around and say "WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP AND TURN THAT THING DOWN???" How can you find peace? I tell you how here.... In a world that's pretty much gone social and all day everyday people have to listen to someone talking loudly and rudely on their smartphone as if we give a crap about their convo. People have to listen to others rudely playing games on their mobile device with no headphones or earplugs...Hello that's why you got them beats by Dre right?? Use them!!! We have to sign into Facebook and see update after update after update, I mean I love you but ummm okay..... We have to listen to loud obnoxious office chatter while at work...How does any work get done? Can you just SHUT UP??? I been trying to send this email for thirty minutes and can't focus! We have to come home to TV's and loud music playing. Turn it off NOW!! I'm done! Then on top of all that, being around someone who just won't shut up??


It's enough to drive anyone crazy but here's my views on the matter......This is the world we live in now. You have to "demand" your own peace and go find a quiet place for yourself when you feel the need. If not, you'll lose it!

 I'm one of the biggest social media junkies and I stay on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WordPress and YouTube just to name a few channels I use, but believe it or not, I too like peace and quiet most of the time. I have included some pointers on finding peace in a loud chaotic world. These tips have helped me a lot and they keep me balanced. I hope if you use them, you too will find that place of peace.

  •  Read a book, I mean a real hard copy... Not a kindle or Ipad I love smart devices but we all know you'll just end up on Facebook. 
  •  Go outside away from others and just sit there and reflect, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths. Revive, Renew...... 
  •  Close your door and say "Do Not Disturb" for a few hours if needed 
  •  Go to a favorite coffee spot they talk in there but usually creative chatter 
  •  Go to a good friend's house who lives alone and stay for a few nights, trust me it brings spiritual peace. 
  •  Stay late after work when the office is completely empty and just enjoy the peace before your commute home. Sounds silly but trust me, just those few minutes of peace does wonders... 
  •  Read your bible and meditate. Whatever your spiritual belief is, always spend some time in prayer and deep meditation. 
  • Finally, Book a massage and make the appointment, you need to release those stress full toxins. 
            I know it's very tough these days to find peace, to focus, to realize your greater purpose and put them into action with all this noise everywhere. Face it, IT'S JUST TOO MUCH GOING ON!!! I understand and I completely agree but the key is you not just making but taking the time to get out of life what you deserve which is love, joy, serenity and peace of mind and the ONLY person who can give that to you is YOU!! ~Tinzley B


  1. Yes, people do talk too damn much! I have to tell you Tinzley, your advice is golden! Unless, we set aside, and by set aside I mean schedule, time for ourselves we will lose it. For me, quality "me-time" isn't a luxury but a necessity for maintaining sanity.

    1. I love social media but I love peace of mind two. Gotta balance both! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Going back to basics ... I like that. You're right, our worlds are overtaken by social media and oversharing. We definitely need to "disconnect" once in awhile. I know you have to pry my smartphone from my hands ... LOL Great post!

  3. All great tips, but I must say.. I'm one who prefers the hustle and bustle and constant noise. What can I say.. I'm a New Yorker :P


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