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Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Know You Have a Man But We Can Be Friends Right?

The word friend is defined in Websters dictionary as "A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations." Notice in the definition it starts with saying "a person whom one KNOWS?" So when you know someone typically for a long period of time, and there is a close bond between you and this person then this can be defined as a friend right? So can someone please tell me why is it that when some men approach some females showing interest in her and she advises him that she is already in a committed relationship, many guys respond saying.."Well can't we just be friends?" Ummmm NO!

 Reason being is the last time I checked, you can't appoint a friendship it just happens over time. So can you please stop saying you just want to be friends when you KNOW your mission is to do far more with her/ us? You're hoping that she will still get your number or give you hers so that you can try and spit some mac daddy skills on her and convince her that even though she's taken.... there's nothing wrong with going out to eat right? There's nothing wrong with going to a movie right? There's nothing wrong with laying in the same bed at night right? Oh there's nothing wrong with you grabbing her buttocks and squeezing her boobs rights? Yal are just friends? There's nothing wrong with her removing her skirt and you your pants right? I mean face it, you started out attracted to her and was your goal to only be friends when you first laid eyes on her or were you trying to possibly pursue her in hopes that it would turn into a lifelong relationship? Let me make this nice and clear. I HAVE ENOUGH FRIENDS ALREADY SO I DON"T NEED ANYMORE!

 I was at the gas station the other day and after I'd pumped my gas and was rapidly walking back to my car, this guy yelled "Hey pretty Lady where your man at?" Now usually I won't say this but even though I'm single and have no man I responded "I'm trying to get to him now!" Now in my head I'm thinking okay I've defused this situation, dude will see I'm not interested and he'll go on about his business. Well it didn't happen quite that way. He decided to approach me, stood at my car window hollering" Well can't we just be friends?" I responded, "Well don't you have to know each other to be friends?" I mean I don't know you!" He went on to say " Come on baby, give me your number. I'm not trying to mess things up between you and your man I just want to hang out sometimes. Don't you want a friend?" I said "No I actually already have enough friends and gave him the stare of doom! He walked away and headed back to the packed car of dudes he was hanging out with and do you know this man proceeded to yell "Come on baby just give me your number or take mine and call me once so I can at least feel you like me a little, he ended with... ugly men are in style now!" I felt sorry for him and drove off!

 I have to ask men this question and I want an honest answer. Why is it when a female tells you she's already in a relationship or has a boyfriend, many of you ask if you can just be friends? What does that really mean? Just be friends.... Do you mean the kind of guy who comes and changes your tire if you get a flat? Do you mean the kind of guy who helps you move heavy furniture when you're re-locating Do you mean the kind of guy who changes your oil for you so you won't have to spend a whole lot of money at Jiffy Lube? What's YOUR definition of "Let's just be friends?" Let me take a wild guess..... You want to screw? Did I nail it? Am I right? Get over it she's already taken! You know my views, if you run into a guy trying to be "friends" after he knows you already have a man, NEXT!!!! The truth of the matter is he just wants to hunch and screw and hunch and screw and hunch some more at his leisure. It's no such thing as THIS type of friend in reality, he could care less that you're already taken. he knows what he wants for the moment and he'll keep trying you until all your NO's turns into a couple of yes's. The next thing you know, you're cheating on your guy. Do yourself a favor ladies.....Don't "Just Be Friends" with any man who know KNOW has a hidden agenda! Tell em NEXT!! Tinzley B



Are you ready to master the art of dating because you have just had it with failed relationships? How about being content with your singleness until you meet that special someone? There is a reason to this madness and many times, it's due to the behavior that WE allow! I have mastered the art of removing the chaos from my dating world and you can too! This book holds the secret ingredients that women need to use in order to minimize the many unnecessary complications we are often faced with while simply dating and seeking a lifelong mate. 

Dating does NOT have to be complicated anymore. This book will educate you on how you should handle the day to day BS in the land of dating that many times leaves us wanting to just give up! I give it to you just as it is with no filters because women…..you need to know! It’s time out for settling, it’s time out for the bad behavior and acceptance of mediocrity just so you won’t feel alone. It’s time to hold ourselves and these guys accountable and flip the script a bit. No more allowing bad behavior. No more being judged on your looks from Bubba and lil Spanky! No more overlooking the signs. No more playing mama! No more trying to be open-minded to his BS! No more BS. No more pain and suffering because he broke down your self-esteem. No more excuses! No more being a fool for love! No more playing the MALE role, it’s time to make HIM be the man he was born to be.

Change the behavior......Change your life! 

Tinzley B
Author of And You Wanna See My Feet


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why Are You Still Single? Is This Question Overheard?

Why Are You Still Single? This question seems to be overheard by many singles like me I'm sure you can agree. My questions is, does there have to be a specific reason? Maybe we have many reasons why we are still single right? I thought I'd put together a video vlog pointing-out why myself and I'm certain many singles have not tied the knot and gotten married nor are they in a committed relationship.

While I'm okay being single and enjoying life, I didn't plan on it and I actually would love to be hitched with a great guy. My purpose for this vlog is I'm starting be made to feel that some people look down on or judge those who are still single especially when they are 30 and older. Has anyone noticed this?  They are  like you're still single? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? I'm like, NOTHING IT JUST HASN'T HAPPENED FOR ME YET?

What are your views on this subject? If you're single I'd love to hear why and if you're not, I'd love your views on why you believe many people are still single. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Check out my vlog right here. Thanks

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Do You Flip Out On Him Over Some Chicken Wings Or Do You Embrace His Effort?

In this video I discuss whether or not you should be upset because your guy didn't do exactly what you wanted or should you just be happy he tried? Here's my dating advice on being okay with an alternate method as long as he tried.Too many times we make it all about us and not enough about the both of you. Sorry you didn't get your celery and plastic to go box but at least he made you happy right? Or did he?


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