Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The 2016 Single On Purpose Conference Was Everything You Needed To Hear About Your Singleness!

Me pictured with Marketplace Minister and Single On Purpose Founder Elder Erica Brooks

I had the honor to be key note speaker at the first annual "Single On Purpose Conference" in Columbus GA. Organized by Market Place Minister and founder of Single On Purpose and Moderator Elder Erica Brooks. Make sure you visit this awesome online forum right here. Join the Single On Purpose Forum I was joined by Power couple Ministers Amitrice Davidson and her husband Eonte Davis who spoke on how they dated "Gods Way" in a world where temptation is all around us.

This conference took place at Gift of Gods Ministry in Columbus GA where Apostle Pamela Burke ministers. 
Pictured with Ministers Amitrice Davidson and Eont'e Davidson and Influencer Darell Williams

For those of you who know me and my speaking style you know I'm a no filtering, tell it like it is, real talk relationship coach who wants to make sure women are NOT marking down their own value and settling for less than they deserve just to say they have a man! I'm so sick by what I’ve been seeing happening around this world lately involving not only everyday people but celebrities and people many of us look up to. They too are dealing with messy, troubled and unstable relationships simply because more than likely, they settled for whatever came their way and yes money plays a huge factor for many. 

In my talk, I spoke about the different guys I have dated, from the one who I later learned was a pedophile to the one I found out was a career criminal who ended up on the hit TV show "Americas Most Wanted" yes I'm serious, he was wanted and blasted on this show I later learned!! See I haven't been single my whole life my relationships just have not lasted and that’s the way it is!! I spoke on how many of the toxic unhealthy relationships I'd escaped from that if I had stayed, there is no telling where I would be today. The ladies were lovely! Thank you Queens! 

Me and the lovely ladies of the Single On Purpose Conference Apostle Pamela Burkes center bottom

I think about my growth in regards to self-love and my refusal to accept or allow bad behavior. I teach women how to stop wasting their time! This hasn't always been the case for me, see I was the type of woman who loved hard and would go through great lengths just to keep my guy no matter what! 
I find myself noticing a lot of women right now are doing this exact thing. They are settling just to say "Well at least I'm not single right?" and many of them are miserable and are losing who they are to a dead-end relationship! Don't get caught up!

My Settle Free Dating Method is a helpful way to eliminate the crap from the dating process before it begins to take its dirty control over your life! Of course I came bearing books and these lovely ladies were very supportive. Thanks Columbus! Get your own copy here The Settle Free Dating Method or Women

I love teaching and sharing the gift of living a Settle Free life!
Take the time to see a clip of my talk below. i opened up with a short quote from Maya Angelou’s poem "Phenomenal Woman." What’s important to me is that you learn to find happiness whether you're booed up or single. You were not created for foolery and misery and no relationship is worth stressing yourself out all in the favor of not appearing socially awkward. Trust me....there is nothing wrong with you for wanting better for yourself! I’d love your comments on what you are doing to secure a life of settle free? Thanks for stopping by! I love you all!

I'm strong, I'm fearless, I'm no-nonsense and I'm living a Settle Free life!

Elder Eric Brooks Introducing me!

See part two of this talk by clicking here  Single On Purpose Part 2

Book me to speak at your event by emailing Tinzley@TinzleyBradford.TV

Friday, February 26, 2016

James Worthy Is "Worthy" And the Next Big Thing In the Music Production Game!!

We have Rodney Jerkins, Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot and now we have James Worthy and trust me he is definitely worthy and will be the next big thing in the music production game! I had an opportunity to get to know more about this hot new producer who has produced songs for some of todays greatest artists such as Sara Stokes, "From the Bottom Up!" Bobby Brown, BAngie B and Truth Hurts just to name a few, he's even working with Madonna! Yeah I said Madonna! Stay tuned for the full interview coming up in the June edition of Bold Favor Magazine . Here's a replay of of our face to face interview. I enjoyed speaking to James about music, how he got started, and relationships, he even shares some of his best dating insight and ladies guess what...He's single. LOL

On a different note, I love recognizing great people. So shout out to our waiter Dougie, he was awesome! James and I conducted the interview down at "The California Pizza Kitchen" in Atlantic Station. My tripod was broken and in order to get it to work correctly so I could do the video, I needed to glue a piece back together. The thing is, it was pouring down rain and I did not have an umbrella. Dougie , our waiter asked if I'd like him to get me some glue because he knew how important this interview was to me and he rain in the rain to get the glue which fixed my tripod.

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for going above and beyond to help me in my time of need. I was having a bad day, my car was still in the shop and I was not feeling too good, but you made it all better. I got a nice letter coming your way! You ROCK!!

Yeah I included a photo of the crazy glue. LOL

Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Valentines Day Social Mixer Right Here in Atlanta!

Hello everybody! I'm playing catch up. I am so excited to share this great news! First let me take a moment to celebrate myself! Yesterday was my birthday!  That's right 1/24 I turned a sexy 44. Woo Hoo! I am feeling fabulous today and check out my gorgeous diva shirt that came from none other than my favorite store Macy's. Yeah! 

I did some salsa dancing with my friends at the lovely Daza Dance Studio Blog

Look at my awesome instructors. They were the absolute BEST! Thanks Mario!

Okay So let me share this great news! Me and the wonderful Marc Jean Piere (AKA Brotha Charle) have teamed up to give Atlanta such a treat for Valentines Day! We are hosting our very first 2016 Valentines day Social Mixer right here in Atlanta Ga. I figured we all go out to dinner, we do the same old traditional valentines day everytime, well some of us do. This will be a great way to do something fun, differnt and helpful at the same time. Plus there's an after party! 

Whether you're single, in a relationship or married we want to see you at this mixer! You will not walk away the same!
We have Top Relationship Coach and author of "God Where Is My Boaz" Stephan Labossiere, Check out Stephan Comedian and Speaker Marc Jean Pierre (AKA Brotha Charle)  Author of "Warning Signs" and Encourager Shavonda McCaleb , and yours truly Author of "The Settle Free Dating Method for Women" ready to he
lp you whip your love life into shape through humor and real talk! 
This will be an opportunity to improve your current love life or get some tips on how to get the love you've been looking for.
Stick around for the after party with a live DJ following the event!
We're going to have a ton of fun with food, beverages and an open bar where you can get your favorite cocktails! See the below flyer and click this link for more details and learn how you can order your tickets! See you there! Order your tickets for the 2016 Social Mixer

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I'm a Columnist for Bold Favor Magazine #Dating

Happy New Year Everyone! I have some exciting news. Did you know that I am now a dating columnist for Bold Favor Magazine? Yay! Known as "The Love Mama" I am very excited to share various dating stories and giving advice to a few of my own readers who often email me with their dating dilemmas.

With 16 K plus followers on IG and growing you have to check this magazine out! The 2016 issue of Bold Favor Magazine​ is here and it's the best issue yet! See my ad and latest relationship column where I'm giving one of my readers some juicy dating advice in this issue, you don't want to miss it! Make sure you click this link to view FREE View Bold Favor Mag for Free and you can subscribe here Subscribe to Bold Favor Mag Here

I am available for one one one and group coaching sessions so make sure you sign up  today and receive $20 off your first session. Sign up here to schedule your relationship coaching session. Talk to you soon! Schedule Your Coaching Session Here

Need some dating tips? Order my step by step dating advice guide 

Here's a snap shot of my latest column in Bold Favor Magazine. It's not the highest quality photo so make sure you visit this link to view the entire magazine and my column for FREE!
 View Bold Mag FREE I look forward to speaking with you, working with you, working FOR you and helping you get everything it is you've been wanting for yourself.

Here's a snippet of a letter from Bold Favor Magazines Editor at Large Lynita Mitchell Blackwell.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Yay My First Bold Favor Magazine Column

Hello everyone. I'm super excited to share that I am now a relationship and dating writer for Bold Favor Magazine! Woo Hoo! The owner and Editor in Chief is the lovely Lynita M Blackwell. She's a best selling author and a leadership champion. Please check her out here. About Lynita M Blackwell

In this issue I'm I'm answering specific questions related to the heart and helping one of my beautiful readers make wiser dating decisions. Make sure you subscribe to the magazine. I'll have constant content to share that will help you live the life you were created to live and no longer settle for less than you deserve! 

See My Bold Favor Mag Column Here

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday Sale! That's right! Buy one of my Settlefree dating advice guides for $10.00 get the second one for just $5.00! Makes a great Christmas gift! Email Click Here To Place Your Order to order your signed copies today! Thank You! ‪#‎SettleFree‬


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