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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Soft Launch New Book Promotion "The Settle-Free Dating Method for Women"

Here I am in action at the #Wombtique in Ga. Promotiong my newbook  "The Settle-Free Dating Method for Women"  and connectiong with awesome women who are living a Settlefree life! #Settlefree

Here's how you can get your copy http://www.amazon.com/The-Settle-Free-Dating-Method-Women/dp/1508460442

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's Time for You to Live a Settlefree Life! No More Bad Behavior Allowed!!!

My Book will launch Valentines Day Get Ready To Live a Settlefree Life!

Hello everyone I hope you're living a Settlefree life and doing what makes YOU happy! Being in relationships with someone who loves and respects you and who knows your value. If not.....NEXT!!  I wanted to share my latest interview via #MommyNoire. I speak with Abiola Abrams about my upcoming book "The Settle-Free Dating Method for Women." A No Nonsense Advice Guide to Remind You That You Are More!"

 With all the depression, self hate and poor #dating choices it's time to stop the cycle of pain by refusing to settle! I have a treat for you! You can learn more about my "Settle-Free Dating Method" in this interview of me from Abiola Abrams Author of "The Sacred Bombshell of Selflove!" It's getting closer to Valentine's Day! Ready to get my #Settlefree insight out into our beautiful world!
Take a look at my latest post via the lovely amazing Abiola Abrams from Abiola TV.

"Tinzley Bradford knows all about single mothers. For years through her dating blog, “And You Wanna See My Feet” and her tell-it-like-it-is YouTube videos, she has helped moms get their love lives together. The advice maven and relationship coach who has been seen chatting it up with “Dr. Drew on Call” on HLN and her local media now has a new book. “The Settle-Free Dating Method for Women” will hit stores soon to whip your love life into shape.
So how does Miss Tinzley know so much about the trials and tribulations of single mamas? Tinzley is the daughter of a single mother, a single mother herself, and now the mother of a single mother. She has strong advice for Mommy Noire readers on getting your love and life together.
Let's see what she has to say to single mommies about love! " Click here to read the entire interview:

#Settlefree #TinzleyBradford #Relationships #Dating #Singlemoms #Singlewomen #Women #Men #Love #Selflove #Selfhelp #AbiolaAbrams

To Learn more about Abiola visit her site http://www.abiolatv.com/

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Add a little "Freaky" to my Latte Please! Moms....Spice Up Your Relationship!

I was asked to share my opinion on how I feel about couples having sex in the morning instead of at the same old time most people get kinky. I think this is a fun hot topic and it shines some light on why switching up your daily morning routine can spice up your relationship especially if you have kids! 

There are so many "routine" things we do in the morning and if you're a mom like me, it's double sometimes triple the effort!  

We get up and get the kids ready, we rush to get ourselves ready. We rush to get to work barely making it at times. We make sure everything we we're supposed to do to prepare for this day is done! Then with all the rushing and feeling anxious.... We hope we have time to stop for coffee! 

Where is the excitement in this same old daily routine? 

I'll tell you where it is..... In The Bedroom!
Yes I said it's in the bedroom mama!! 

Sex in the morning is best because ......

1) It adds excitement to your life and your mates life. 

Yessss making time to start your morning with something that not only puts a smile on your face but it puts a smile on your mates face as well is a warm way to say I love you and we still got it. He'll be hyped if you start his morning off with passionate sex instead of requesting his assistance with changing  soiled diapers like you do every single morning! Talking about keeping him hooked??? Oh he'll be " Hooked " alright! Literally...Every single morning!! Bong! Yong! Yong!!!

2) What a way to say good morning!

Too many times we start our boring mornings with the same old thing and we many times get too busy to even say good morning to the love of our life right? Having sex in the morning BEFORE the kids are up is not only a great way to say good morning but it's fun and it also happens to bring back those young adult memories when you used to sneak and freak as a youngster! Oh you know you did it and didn't it feel good? Well the same thing goes for starting your day off with a little extra "whip cream" and I ain't talking about for hot chocolate! It keeps the fun and excitement in your relationship! 
It's often said that lack of sex is one of the main reasons couples start to lose interest in each other. Don't allow that! Wake up and smack it first thing! Oh Yeah! 

3) It can make you moms feel sexy all over again.

Face it, I'm not saying everyone is the same but after giving birth and becoming a mom, many time females just no longer feel attractive! Am I right?? I went through it, a few of my friends went through it. It happens but there's something super sexy about being intimate in the morning! You can dominate the bedroom which will also make you feel empowered to dominate your work load in the office or where ever you work! You ever heard that saying " You must have gotten some last night?" Well now you can think to yourself ... " Oh it wasn't last night honey!" You'll have a new pep in your step if you start your morning off with sex! 
For some reason I feel like I'm the hottest mama in the office after early morning sex! Go ahead, give yourself a sexy makeover by just arching your back!  Get it?? 

4) It's good for you! 

No seriously... It's really good for you. Just like many fitness freaks start their mornings off with exercising? This has been a proven benefit that makes you feel good, look good and have tons of wit and energy throughout the day. It's been said that some of THE most successful people exercise in the morning right???? Well it's also been proven that SEX is a form of exercise!! So " Pump Pump Pump it up!" 

5) It's a great way to communicate!

Yes I said it! Sexing in the morning allows you to release a lot of tension that may have been built up over time. I'm sure you can agree that smartphones and social media are great ways to stay in touch with long lost friends or people you admire but it should not be the only way you communicate with your spouse. If all you do is text.. When do you make time to sex? Come on release and express your inner thoughts all whilst getting your grove on! 

It can be tough trying to balance motherhood, wife, employee, and still remain a hottie to your significant other but if you stop texting and start actually sexing in the morning,this just might be another relationship challenge you've mastered!  

Signed Tinzley Bradford "Love Coach for Moms"

The Love Coach for Moms! 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Is That Blue Ivy Making a Cameo In Mommy Beyoncé’s New Video 7/11? Check Out These Photo Grabs...Cool!

Screen shot from Beyonce's New Video 7/11

The internet has been on fire ever since Beyoncé released her new and latest video 7/11 on November 21st. With over 23 million views already, this is yet another one of Beyoncé’s genius ideas.  She just keeps on "BEYing" a trendsetter. 

This video reflects on her way of having fun with the girls , dancing, booty popping, drinking a little and just having a good time but one girl stood out in particular. Is that Blue Ivy laying on the bed as mama Beyoncé films the bed room scene where she's seen pop locking, jumping off the bed and just enjoying herself. I know Blue Ivy could have been mistaken for clothes on the bed especially considering this room has definitely been lived in. Looks a lot like mine LOL. (Not all the time just sometimes) 
But what made me notice was the movement and the different positions of this cutie pie laying there so preciously in the background. Take a look and the photos below and feel free to tune in to the video I’ve included below compliments of You Tube. What do you think? Is that Blue Ivy?  

Also what do you think of this video? 

In a since this reminds me of myself because how many times have we as moms just turned on our favorite song and danced around the house in our PJ’s or underwear while our babies were just chilling in the back ground looking like "What's mommy doing?" I love the concept behind Beyoncé’s video. 

Looks Like Beyoncé had a great time filming this video and whether you're feeling the video and song or not, life is all about having fun, doing what you love and just being yourself which is clearly what Beyoncé is doing here. Let’s just say I didn't go out last night I put my hands up and did a lil pop locking around the house. Looks like I still got it!! LOL

Screen shot from Beyonce's New Video 7/11

Screen shot from Beyonce's New Video 7/11

Screen shot from Beyonce's New Video 7/11

Screen shot from Beyonce's New Video 7/11

P.S. When she says " Hold that coke like alcohol" What does that mean?

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Tinzley B

Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Beyond the Lights" Did NOT Get Rotten Tomatoes!!

Photo Credit via Hello Beautiful http://hellobeautiful.com/2014/08/25

While everyone else was busy throwing rotten tomatoes at the‪#‎AaliyahMovie‬ on ‪#‎Lifetime‬ ,  I was enjoying ‪#‎BeyondTheLights‬ and there were no tomatoes needed because this movie and cast were amazing!!

I blog about relatonships and dating and I'm always looking for that "Hero" to come along and save the damsel in distress. Actor Nate Parker did just that in this fantastic film about love, passion, insecurity, self hate, struggle, determination and the need to be seen...... No I mean really seen......

Beyond the Lights was a heart warming, romantic movie that made me want to marry actor Nate Parker and dye my hair freaking purple!! (Gugu Mbatha-Raw rocked that look!) I loved this movie!! The cast was perfect, on set chemistry gave me chills and the story line made me feel for many of today's pop stars yet made my heart smile!

Photo Credit via Hello Beautiful http://hellobeautiful.com/2014/08/25

How do I get a man like this to fall head over heels for me?  I'm certain we all would love to know the secret. Sometimes we're blinded by the bright lights of distractions and we're going with the flow of expectations that society has led us to believe is the right path for our relationship choices. We go for the flashy guy with money, nice clothes, flashy cars and houses but he lacks the love we're so eagerly longing for.  He just throws money at us, treats us any kind of way and we're hooked all because of the flashy lifestyle he's giving us. 
Then there are times we go for a guy where we know it's all about the sex for him and we know he's not stable, not working, living a life of hustling where he depends on hitting a lick to get cash, which puts is in harms way. He treats us mean and disrespectful and is controlling and abusive  and  clearly is seeing more than one woman yet we deal with him because we want so badly to be with someone. Anyone for that matter!  The moment we stop the sex, he's gone! 

We many times shy away from the hardworking man of God who isn't afraid of commitment, who shows us he's interested in us, who may not be working a job we think is the very best but he's well established and is doing well for himself.
This guy can see your struggle and hurt but he doesn't judge you for it as a matter of fact, he wants to make things better for you but the thing is, he's not the typical guy you would date. He's not the guy you want but he's definitely the guy you need!

 In this film you're given a front row glance into the life of a new hot pop star "Noni Jean" played by the beautiful 
Gugu Mbatha-Raw. After watching this movie, I know that it doesn't matter how famous, popular, extremely unaproachable or out of someones leauge a person may appear to be. Love is where you find it and where it finds you. Actor Nate Parker who played "Kaz Nicole" definitely showed us this. He's a police officer/ security guard and not this big rich or famous superstar..... who would have thought?

 Well, I won't give the  movie away but I will say this movie is brilliant and a must see! I left the theater feeling like there is a chance for true love to find us all. Sometimes you just have to search #Beyond the Lights! Even the ones in your life blinding you from what you really need! 

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best.....I give this movie a gigantic 10!

Tinzley Bradford 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Struggle is Real for us Single Ladies.... Here's why!

I'm a good catch but can't seem to find a man who is ready to settle down with just one woman. I also keep running into guys who seem to be looking for "mama" instead of a potential mate! No I'm not co-signing for nothing and NO I'm not buying you a playstation!!  

The selection of distinctive gentlemen is limited. I have to choose from men who just don't seem to get it....still walking round with their booty out!! That's  just too much for me to stomach. I just can't help but to constantly  imagine  skid marks on the other  side of those  underwear! Makes me cringe!! I know there are some very intelligent guys who wears their pants sagging like the photo above and I'm sure they may think they have a good reason but I don't want to hear their reason I just want the pants pulled  up or NEXT!!

I have to deal with the player out here trying to have a bit of this and some of that!! I'm not sharing no man so if you already have a girl..... This conversation is over!!  Keep it moving!

Then you got those men walking round looking like Humpty Dumpty  and the predator combined but expecting me to be flawless or perfect asking if I got pretty feet or sexy legs yet his belly is resting on the steering wheel cause it's so big.  Boy please!!! You wanna see my feet?? What about them three, four double chins you got?? 

Oh and let's not forget the 42 year old " I'm gone be a rapper" dudes still out here hoping to land a record deal instead of landing at a job with a 401 K and benefits!  If you ain't a rapper by now.... Please just stop it already!! I don't wanna hear no free style and I don't care about no demo tape!! Get a job at  40 okay?? 

And did I forget to mention the married guys who come with all that BS about how complicated things are between them and their wife?? Awwww that ain't my problem! If you're not single and available... NEXT!! 

Then here comes that guy with this high sex drive wanting to screw because we went  out on one date! Boy I don't owe you my body cause we ate! 

And if I smell one more horrific booty breath trying to hit on me!!! I'm done I'm just done!! I mean really??? Hygiene  is crucial!! It's no way with your mouth so close to your nose, you don't smell that fonk!!! Do something with that or don't expect  me to kiss you EVER!! 

I'm sorry but I just no longer have patience  for the crap anymore! Please get lost if you're not trying to get with one good woman and prosper together!  

Yes....The struggle is real out here for us single women! 



Tinzley B


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