Saturday, June 27, 2015

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

How Far Would You Go To Save Your Marriage? Til Death Do You Part? "Wife Dies In Car Crash Chasing Cheating Husband"

In no way did I write this post to be insensitive to this young woman, in no way did I write this post to put her on blast and shame her for her actions. I strongly agree that when you're in love you will want to fight for the person you love but what happens when that fight ends in tragedy? I get so tired of men just getting bored with their marriage and looking for a fantasy world on the other side instead of resolving or working on their marriage. Now I'm not saying in this case that this couple never tried to work on their marriage , but what I would like to know is why in the world was he a married man riding around in a car with another woman who WAS NOT his wife? This happens far more than it doesn't and my point of view is....IF YOU STILL WANT TO PLAY THE FIELD THEN DON'T GET MARRIED!!!!

I speak on this very thing all the time! If you are NOT sure of yourself and know your worth, you will be led to do dangerous things to keep a man who doesn't want to be there!  You need to have self-love, self-confidence, the type of self-worth where you know you are more than just a wife chasing a man who no longer wants to be with you and who in my opinion, no longer deserves you. It's in my book “The Settle free Dating Method for Women" Get a Copy Of My Book Here I show you how to just walk away from anyone one who is not treating you the way you deserve to be treated. I help you get from that place of stuck into a place of healing where you are simply unbothered by people who no longer matter!

If a man is no longer into you whether he is right or wrong... LET HIM GO!! It's not worth your life!! This incident in the article below is very disturbing to me. I'm sitting here wondering just how broken this woman was to the point where she felt the need to get in her vehicle, drive recklessly chasing him because he had another woman in the car with him, and losing her life? What causes this type of what I call "Self Sabotage?" I'm very saddened by this which is why I always encourage women to know their worth and to never ever settle for less than they deserve! Now I don't know the back story of what may have led to this tragic ending but I do know that if this husband who married his wife and was supposed to be loyal, faithful and there for her through the good times and the bad, til death do them part  was causing her such grief, GO TO DIVORCE COURT AND GET THOSE ORDERS!" This was NOT the kind of "Til Death Do Us Part" the wedding vows were speaking of! I'm to a point where I'm okay with being single and just dating here and there. I have zero tolerance for any crap or BS any guy may attempt to bring into my life. I shut them down FAST!!

 I hate this woman lost her life over something like this. Now she's gone and the husband and his chic get to prance around like nothing ever happened. I wonder if he's hurt behind this? I wonder does he feel partly responsible for her death. I also wonder will he cash in on her insurance money even after in my opinion he was the one who pushed her to chase him and causing her to drive so recklessly that she lost control and died?

Ladies you are more than just a scorned wife with a cheating husband. Please take this very seriously. If he leaves you do not go in sane trying to get him back. Pray about it and move on. I know marriage is a life long commitment that may be a hard thing to just walk away from but if you know you've given all you have and he still chooses to cheat and be's time for you to move forward and let him stay right where he is. Live a settlefree life ladies!

I have grown to realize that women you must have the kind of confidence in yourself that a dude won't even come your way unless he KNOWS he has something to offer. "Brother don't even come with that foolishness!" You must be so strong and self aware that even if your hubby acts up, HE will be the one begging you to give him another chance once he see's you spring into 'settlefree' action. What is settlefree action you may ask? Settlefree action is where you are simply unbothered by his crap and if he cheats you just start the divorce proceedings and assure he gets a certified copy in the mail! Now I'm not saying don't work it out or at least try but what I am saying is, the longer you wait, the longer you hurt and the longer you allow him to down grade your value. Show him immediately that if he chooses other women outside of your marriage oh you can make that much easier for him with those papers...The choice is his!! 

 # Settlefree

Read full article, Wife killed chasing cheating husband

Saturday, June 6, 2015

How to answer that dreaded question.."Why are you single?"

What's your reaction when someone asks "Why Are You Single?" Do you become defensive?? Are you offended by this question? Do you even know WHAT to say? Are you okay with being single and being asked why you're single as if you planned it this way? Either way you look at it the last thing you want to do is come across as a "mean girl" when answering this dreaded question because face it….. If you act like a bitter broken woman over this question chances are he'll assume you're single because of your stank attitude!! I know I know, it's pretty annoying for someone to ask especially when they ask as if there’s something wrong with you but let's see if we can learn how to answer this question without losing our cool! In today’s segment of the "Single in Stilettos Show" with The Match Maker Suzanne Oshima, Suzanne Oshima's Site I share my advice on the best way to respond without coming across as a mean b---h! 

Let's say you're minding your business living your single and fabulous life! You don't have a care in the world because you have mastered the art of being single and not dwelling on the fact that you are. You enjoy fun times hanging out with your girlfriends and family, you go out on the occasional date and you're working hard on your passions and goals so you're simly "Unbothered" right? Then one day while you're on the phone talking to one of your latest pursuers it happens....He asks "So Why Are You Still Single?" Huh? What? Wait a minute...What? You want to say so bad "Well if I knew that I'd probably NOT be single huh, would I?" Then you'd want to be like ummmmm "Last time I checked You're single too so WHY ARE YOU SINGLE DUDE?" Then you start to judge, “I’m single because all you men are whack jobs!” Well that probably wouldn’t go so well would it? 
I guess it's just one of those questions that for some can make you feel like you're being scrutinized or antagonized for not having a boo thing to call your own. Well let’s see if I can help you with a few cool responses to this oh so annoying question. 

So why is this question so offensive?

I speak for myself but have learned over time that many women feel…."Just date me and see if you can change my single status instead of drilling me for the simple fact that I’m single."
"re you judging me?" Many times women can be made to feel that THEY must be the problem and there has to be something wrong with them if they can’t find true love.
"It’s not life threatening so why are you so concerned?" For some reason I never ask a guy why he’s single. I just ask him if he’s looking for a committed relationship which to me is far me important.
"If I chopped my ex-husband up to collect his insurance money more than likely I’d be on death row instead of on this date!" Come on people we get it and we understand there are a lot of crazies out there but give me a break, if she’s a working girl with a lot going for herself except her “single” status then cut it with bugging her about being single and buy the popcorn, the movie starts in like 10 minutes!! .

Should you even ask a person why they are single? 
What are some alternatives?

No frankly I don't think you should ask it so bluntly! You shouldn't make a person re-live that part of their life just date them to see if you're interested and see how it goes. Maybe over time she'll be the one telling you why she was single at the time you met but give her time and stop being so ready to assume. Here's a few alternates below for those who just HAVE to know something.

  •  "I don't even know WHY you're single but in a way I'm glad because I'm hoping I can have a chance to change that." This is a great way of leaving the door open for further conversation all whilst flattering her with your kind words all at once. If she decides to come back and further elaborate on why she's single then great but if not just date her and keep it moving!"
  • So are you single and happy or are you looking for a good man like me?" Bingo! This question allows her to open up a little and at the same time she feels you're digging her and you're not judging her because you're making it clear that you would like to be "that guy!""
  • You're amazing, those guys must have been idiots to not snatch you up!" I like this too, because you know what they say "Flattery gets you EVERYWHERE!" Keep on making her feel like the beautiful quuen she is then soon it won't matter anymore because she'll be all yours!

Make sure you share and comment below I'd love your views! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why Has My Wife Stopped Giving Me Sex? This is For The Fellas!

Photo Credit,,20418342,00.html

What's a hubby to do when wifey is no longer giving him sex? In this video I'm addressing a few concerns I received via email from someone experiencing this very thing and I'm offering my tips on how to handle it. I apologize at the very end I got cut off but the important thing to remember when no sex is a result of "life issues" as I was discussing prior to getting cut off is to remember that sometimes life issues such as careers, kids, work, family, motivation, time, obligations etc... have just taken over and before you know it, you're living a basic routine life with little or no sex because you just haven't gotten around to it or because as I mention in my video, there are other reasons that has caused her to shut down.

 One thing to remember is that we are all human and together we must take the time and MAKE the time for each other's needs. Take a look at this video on what may be causing your wife to no longer give you sex and see how YOU can approach this in a positive loving way that does NOT appoint blame! Another thing is to try not to make it just about YOU and your need for sex because when you got married you agreed through the good times and bad you'd be right there, well this is your chance to show how much you love your wife through patience and the willingness to work with her through this whatever it is....

Keep in mind you may be part of the problem so be prepared to own whatever role you may have played in this and go back in with a different perspective. I know it's tough because sex should be a constant part of marriage and you shouldn’t have to beg, but so should love, understanding and patience! If you make this just about you and your need to get your rocks off, your marriage may be headed for disaster! 

 Good Luck!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Settlefree Dating Seminar and Booksigning Video at Medu Bookstore #Settlefree

We had a blast at my Settlefree DatingSeminar and Booksigning. Make sure you watch the entire video my guest speakers CEO and Founder of "A Womans Worth" Gina Gresham Shirley and Author and Owner of Writers Tablet LLC Terri Whitmire did an amazing job and their messages are very real!! Check out Terri here at Author Terri Whitmire funcreativewriting!

It's time to start making wiser dating choices and time to make sure you are not only making him happy but you're making yourself happy as well. I hope you enjoy the video of my signing and thanks to GaturTeem for capturing my special event. Make sure you share it, someone somewhere can learn to no longer settle for less than they deserve! #Settlefree

SettleFree Dating Seminar & Book signing @ Medu Bookstore from Gatur on Vimeo.


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