Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Settlefree Dating Seminar and Booksigning Video at Medu Bookstore #Settlefree

We had a blast at my Settlefree DatingSeminar and Booksigning. Make sure you watch the entire video my guest speakers CEO and Founder of "A Womans Worth" Gina Gresham Shirley and Author and Owner of Writers Tablet LLC Terri Whitmire did an amazing job and their messages are very real!! Check out Terri here at Author Terri Whitmire funcreativewriting!

It's time to start making wiser dating choices and time to make sure you are not only making him happy but you're making yourself happy as well. I hope you enjoy the video of my signing and thanks to GaturTeem for capturing my special event. Make sure you share it, someone somewhere can learn to no longer settle for less than they deserve! #Settlefree

SettleFree Dating Seminar & Book signing @ Medu Bookstore from Gatur on Vimeo.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Settlefree Dating Tip Of The Day!

How do you live a SettleFree Dating life? Here's today's tip from a real life experience of mine! See you can't allow people who don't seem to be a man of their word an opportunity to get into your life without earning it! STOP HIM DEAD IN HIS TRACKS!! If he's not man enough to give you a few minutes of his time after he asked you to call HIM.... It's on to the next one buddy! You want me, you call ME back!!!

Guy: Do I know you, you look familiar?
Me: Umm well I worked at Delta, went to Doug 9th grade year, etc.....
Guy: Not sure but you sure are beautiful! Can I keep in touch? Are you spoken for?
Me: Nope not yet are you?
Guy: Nope I'm single and available,can I give you my number?
Me: Sure (Accepts Number)
Guy: Call me tonight, I really want to get to know you!
Me: Okay!
Later in the evening...
Me: ( Dials his number) Hello it's Tinzley the lady you met earlier!
Guy:  Oh yeah hey, umm can I call you back in 10 minutes?
Me: Sure this is my number!
This was three hours ago!!
Me: To myself NEXT!!! I'm not chasing him! #Settlefree

Lauren Hill voice: "You might win some but you really lost one
You just lost one, it's so silly how come
When it's all done did you really gain from
What you done done, it's so silly how come
You just lost one"

Monday, May 4, 2015

My SettleFree Dating Booksigning Pictures

My Settlefree Dating Seminar and Booksigning Pictures


I wanted to make sure my booksigning was fun, exciting, insightful, informative, and just plain fabulous!! Looks like I was able to pull this off and I'm sharing my photos with you! I had some fun, vibrant flyers made and I made sure I invited some amazing women to speak at my book signing. There's nothing wrong with making the event all about you and not having any speakers but depending on your subject matter and book concept, inviting some guests speakers to endorse your topic will only make it pop even more!


We had a lovely time. There were 15 minute speaking sessions among me and my guest speakers. Enjoy my photos and while you're at it, make sure you order a copy right here Order Your Book Here. Thank you! 









Terri Whitmire Author and CEO of Writers Tablet LLC

Gwendolyn Bean Creator of Single Moms of Atl Lifestyle
Gina Shirley CEO of "A Womans Worth"




Shavona McCaleb Author of  the new book "Warning Signs"

                                          Thank You


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