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Claudia Jordan and Amber Rose Take a Stand Against Slut Shaming and I Don't Blame Them!

Hold up wait a minute....Let me get this straight. I'm sexy, desirable, beautiful, sought after and intelligent so because of all I have going for me, I'm labled a slut or whore when a few relationships don't work???? Slut Shaming....What ashamed!

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Recently RHOA star Claudia Jordon took a stand against slut shaming and being called a whore by Ne Ne Leaks on #RHOA. In a recent interview on MadameNoire see her here Claudia Jordan On MadameNoire she stated and I quote “Women that do the most accusing of women being a slut or a whore are usually the biggest whores out there.” She went on to say that “ Whenever someone is losing an argument, it’s easier for them to just hit below the belt and just call the person a whore or slut without any proof, then it just sticks from there.” I must say I find credibility to her statement because it seems that women can be labeled as whatever a person’s perception of them is without them ever getting a chance to defend themselves. I say you’re a slut, so you must be a slut especially since I have a large following of people who believe I can do or say no wrong. That’s what I believe happened in this case. Ne Ne Leaks….Why did you call Claudia a Slut? What was this based off of? I’m interested in knowing and I’m certain thousands of people are interested in knowing as well. Was it hear say? Or facts? Let’s just say perception is NOT always reality no matter how many big wigs say it is!!

Recently Amber Rose also took a stand against slut shaming as well by saying she’s planning and organizing a #Slutwalk! This was due to the recent very public verbal attacks she received from her former boyfriend whom she says they were very much in love…. Kanye West! West stated after he’d been with Amber Rose he felt he had to take 30 showers. Amber of coarse fought back and threw some shots at Kim Kardashian Kanye’s wife in regards to her sex tape with singer and entertainer Ray J. My question is, if she was soooooo bad and discusting, Why Did Kanye West date her? I'll tell you why, it's because she's hot and that's what most men go for these days, the 'Hot girls!' Then later they blast them for being hot??? Dude what's YOUR problem??

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The Slutwalk didn’t start here I want to make that perfectly clear that Amber Rose is only hosting her own but the Slut Walk has been around for years and the purpose of it is to stop blaming women for being raped or miss treated simply because they dressed a certain way. Founded by  Heather Jarvis and her friend Sonya Barnett her reason for starting this movement years ago she states in an older article from Huffington Post  “We had just had enough,It isn't about just one idea or one police officer who practices victim blaming, it's about changing the system and doing something constructive with anger and frustration.” See article here Slut Walk Article on Huffington Post

So why is this? Why do you think it is that women get blamed and men get kudos when it comes to sex partners and /or the women’s track record in various partners? I mean we see it and hear it in today’s music all the time, how many women he slept with. How he be all up in that a—like bang bang bang!

He only wants a woman who is a freak then later on he comes back as Kanye did and slams her! Why is this? Would Kanye West had even looked at Amber Rose if she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous and attractive? Not to mention she’d already dated some pretty popular guys from Reggie Bush to Amar'e StoudemireYou do the research….But so what? I always say dating is healthy so my question remains, what makes her a slut or whore because she’s dated multiple guys? Same thing for Claudia Jordan, she’s dated a few people as well but so what? Dating is just like the interview process when you’re seeking a job. The hiring manager interviews multiple candidates but only picks one. How can a woman date just one guy and only pick him if he’s NOT someone in which she has fallen for?

In my book the Settlefree Dating Method for Women, a Non Non-Sense Advice Guide to Remind You That You Are More!" My Book on Amazon  I discuss women who date married men and in my opinion, unless a guy is comletely single no one should be dating a married man. Now I know love is where you find it but it should never be found in another womans husband. I won't lable it as slut behavior but I will say it's definitely different than simply having muliple boyfriends. In my book I also discuss how I use he NEXT strategy to eliminate the BS from the dating process. One quote is, " If he's not calling or texing you showing you he's interested...NEXT!!!" Well in my opinion, both Claudia and Amber have simply used the NEXT strategy because some where along the way the guys they have dated were NOT the chosen ones. No one should EVER settle for less than they deserve and because you're taking the time to find and pick a quality man does NOT make you a slut it makes you a woman who knows her worth!!!

I say do your thing ladies and keep on taking a stand for slut shaming. I've been taking a stand against men "but shaming" by wearing their pants sagging but we all see that's gotten no where and today, they are hanging even lower, but that's none of my business right? NEXT!!!! #SettleFree

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Parenting:R&B Singer and Recording Artist Angie Stone Gets Arrested Because Her Daughter Punched Her! WHAT???

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R&B Singer/ Recording artist Angie Stone got arrested because her daughter in an angry rage began to punch her own mom in the face What???

 No way I'd settle for this! Sources are saying, Angie Stones 30 year old daughter 'Diamond" wouldn't keep her kids mess cleaned up and her own room cleaned up while living in Angie's house. When Angie confronted her they got into an argument and Diamond punched her own mom in the face!

 I just don't see why she won't move out!! If she hates her mom that much then leave!!! She's clearly resentful towards her own mom yet she gets to enjoy the privileges from the lifestyle her mom has provided? These children have no remorse for their actions and I'm sure she provoked her! She would NEVER be allowed back over there again and she needs to be moving out like YESTERDAY!! Unbelievable!

I started out a long time ago writing as the single mom go to person and I often spoke about being patient through the ups and downs of motherhood, especially as a single mom. This right here would be extremlly challenging for even me as a single moms advice maven because honey.......Now you rasing your hands to hurt me in my palace.I don't think that's going to happen! I have never in my life thought a child could be this ungrateful and disrespectful and just plain old rude to her mom! I do not CARE how much Diamond claims her mom chose her music career over her, she has no right or reason to punch her mom in the face like a street hooker! 

This would be it! I'm sorry but I have had my own share of mommy daughter arguments but THIS right here?????Uh Uh! You would be outta there to NEVER return again! 

I'll admit I saw a few sides of Angie I didn't care for on the hit TV Show R&B Divas but even SHE doesn't deserve this. 

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Wait a Minute....I thought I was important to you! 

I don't know about you but I am WORTHY! This is a chapter from my new book "The Settle-Free Dating Method for Women," A No Non-Sense Advice Guide to Remind You That You Are More!" 
Get Your Book Here  Also My Book is available right here in ATL and Top African American Book Store Medu Book Store. Visit the Greenbriar Mall Location and purchase your book. Yay! Okay now on to my post!

One of my favorite verses hip hop artist, singer, songwriter, and actress Nicki Minaj says in the song “No Love” she sang with R&B artist August Alsina is “You can’t treat me like you treat them , Yes I am the Creme de la Creme. You can’t front like this ain’t way reala, I know you hard I know that you’re a killa.” Pretty much she’s saying he may be pretending he’s not into her but really he is and with that said he WILL respect her!

Creme de la Crème according to the Urban dictionary means top of the line, best of the best, above all, highest of the high and better than any competition. In this song August pretty much tells her don’t expect no love from him because he just wants to pop a couple of bands with her, just drink a couple of drinks and party until they can’t with her but once again, don’t expect no love meaning he’s NOT going to commit! You can’t settle for that! You have to go in with the mind frame that you ARE the Creme de la Crème and you WILL not be played! See when you think highly of yourself then the guy has two choices….. He can treat you like the queen you are or he can get lost! NEXT!!

You also have to be very aware of the message men may be trying to send you that informs you to what degree or on what level they are interested in you. Oh yeah men show signs of interest we just have to hold a discerning spirit so we can see where they are coming from and we won't fall victim to becoming the woman he goes to for "that thing!"

I had a guy who reached out to me via direct message on Instagram. He started off sending me a photo of kissing lips. I responded after viewing his bio, congratulations on your music career and thanks for the nice smiley face. He responded it was a kiss to me indicating he liked what he saw. He went on to say I was sexy as H.E. Double hockey sticks and that I was established which turned him on! He went on to ask "Can I put you in my text?” My response was as follows: “Hi sure we can definitely text and I’d also like to interview you for my blog because there are tons of women who often want to know just how an R&B singer thinks when it comes to relationships and finding The One! I will warn you that I don’t get down like that I’m sure you know what I mean. “ His response was “Okay beautiful, we can keep it just business then and I’ll give you an interview for my blog.” His stance was most females just give him the number, they hook up, and then he’s back on IG messaging beautiful ladies like me! See most females would have given in and I’m sure this guy knows he can pretty much get who he wants and what he wants from mostly any female he encounters according to him. Then he uses them up and throws them away the moment he gets bored. Your stance has to be Oh he can’t treat me like he treats them I’m the
Creme de la Creme. baby!!
You must hold the kind of self-confidence like Cookie from Empire. I’m certain you know who Cookie is right? Well just in case you don’t let me fill you in. Cookie is a strong female who did hard time in prison to protect her at the time boyfriend whom she has three kids by and her drug money was the money that started and helped evolve Empire into what’ become. Yes I know we’re speaking about characters from a television sitcom but this type stuff goes on in real life and if you want to survive, you’d better take some notes from Cookie. She does NOT play nor does she allow mis-treatment. Pretty much despite her kids father completely shutting her out, not coming to visit her in prison nor helping her financially, and pretty much trying to turn her kids against her she STILL has quite a dominant presence in his life and she clearly demands respect!  When you’re choosing the Settle-Free dating method I do not care what you have been through be it bad relationships, infidelity, abuse both verbal and physical, lied to, deceived, mis-treated or whatever your story is YOU have to get out of coach, pass first class and get in the pilot’s seat of your life and your relationship choices so you won’t end up just anywhere! You have to see how the guys you’re dating are currently treating the ladies in their life. This could mean his mother, his sister, his daughter if he has kids, his female friends and his past girlfriends/ wife. Yes you have to be a little bossy at times to gain and earn and most importantly keep respect from these guys and guess what……if they don’t give it to you NEXT!!! Creme de la Crème remember??

You ARE Worthy to be Loved!
That “I’m not looking for love” quote has played completely out! If a man is spending time with you, getting sex from you, laughing and doing eventful stuff with you, what does he mean “He’s not looking for love?  Then what exactly is he looking for? 
You deserve to spend your time with someone who knows how to find the things he loves about you and decides to love you for them. #Settlefree

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Thank you!

Sincerely, Tinzley.... Your Settle free Dating Love Coach!  Top Relationship coach for women, single moms, and single women.

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It's Time for You to Live a Settlefree Life! No More Bad Behavior Allowed!!!

My Book will launch Valentines Day Get Ready To Live a Settlefree Life!

Hello everyone I hope you're living a Settlefree life and doing what makes YOU happy! Being in relationships with someone who loves and respects you and who knows your value. If not.....NEXT!!  I wanted to share my latest interview via #MommyNoire. I speak with Abiola Abrams about my upcoming book "The Settle-Free Dating Method for Women." A No Nonsense Advice Guide to Remind You That You Are More!"

 With all the depression, self hate and poor #dating choices it's time to stop the cycle of pain by refusing to settle! I have a treat for you! You can learn more about my "Settle-Free Dating Method" in this interview of me from Abiola Abrams Author of "The Sacred Bombshell of Selflove!" It's getting closer to Valentine's Day! Ready to get my #Settlefree insight out into our beautiful world!
Take a look at my latest post via the lovely amazing Abiola Abrams from Abiola TV.

"Tinzley Bradford knows all about single mothers. For years through her dating blog, “And You Wanna See My Feet” and her tell-it-like-it-is YouTube videos, she has helped moms get their love lives together. The advice maven and relationship coach who has been seen chatting it up with “Dr. Drew on Call” on HLN and her local media now has a new book. “The Settle-Free Dating Method for Women” will hit stores soon to whip your love life into shape.
So how does Miss Tinzley know so much about the trials and tribulations of single mamas? Tinzley is the daughter of a single mother, a single mother herself, and now the mother of a single mother. She has strong advice for Mommy Noire readers on getting your love and life together.
Let's see what she has to say to single mommies about love! " Click here to read the entire interview:

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Add a little "Freaky" to my Latte Please! Moms....Spice Up Your Relationship!

I was asked to share my opinion on how I feel about couples having sex in the morning instead of at the same old time most people get kinky. I think this is a fun hot topic and it shines some light on why switching up your daily morning routine can spice up your relationship especially if you have kids! 

There are so many "routine" things we do in the morning and if you're a mom like me, it's double sometimes triple the effort!  

We get up and get the kids ready, we rush to get ourselves ready. We rush to get to work barely making it at times. We make sure everything we we're supposed to do to prepare for this day is done! Then with all the rushing and feeling anxious.... We hope we have time to stop for coffee! 

Where is the excitement in this same old daily routine? 

I'll tell you where it is..... In The Bedroom!
Yes I said it's in the bedroom mama!! 

Sex in the morning is best because ......

1) It adds excitement to your life and your mates life. 

Yessss making time to start your morning with something that not only puts a smile on your face but it puts a smile on your mates face as well is a warm way to say I love you and we still got it. He'll be hyped if you start his morning off with passionate sex instead of requesting his assistance with changing  soiled diapers like you do every single morning! Talking about keeping him hooked??? Oh he'll be " Hooked " alright! Literally...Every single morning!! Bong! Yong! Yong!!!

2) What a way to say good morning!

Too many times we start our boring mornings with the same old thing and we many times get too busy to even say good morning to the love of our life right? Having sex in the morning BEFORE the kids are up is not only a great way to say good morning but it's fun and it also happens to bring back those young adult memories when you used to sneak and freak as a youngster! Oh you know you did it and didn't it feel good? Well the same thing goes for starting your day off with a little extra "whip cream" and I ain't talking about for hot chocolate! It keeps the fun and excitement in your relationship! 
It's often said that lack of sex is one of the main reasons couples start to lose interest in each other. Don't allow that! Wake up and smack it first thing! Oh Yeah! 

3) It can make you moms feel sexy all over again.

Face it, I'm not saying everyone is the same but after giving birth and becoming a mom, many time females just no longer feel attractive! Am I right?? I went through it, a few of my friends went through it. It happens but there's something super sexy about being intimate in the morning! You can dominate the bedroom which will also make you feel empowered to dominate your work load in the office or where ever you work! You ever heard that saying " You must have gotten some last night?" Well now you can think to yourself ... " Oh it wasn't last night honey!" You'll have a new pep in your step if you start your morning off with sex! 
For some reason I feel like I'm the hottest mama in the office after early morning sex! Go ahead, give yourself a sexy makeover by just arching your back!  Get it?? 

4) It's good for you! 

No seriously... It's really good for you. Just like many fitness freaks start their mornings off with exercising? This has been a proven benefit that makes you feel good, look good and have tons of wit and energy throughout the day. It's been said that some of THE most successful people exercise in the morning right???? Well it's also been proven that SEX is a form of exercise!! So " Pump Pump Pump it up!" 

5) It's a great way to communicate!

Yes I said it! Sexing in the morning allows you to release a lot of tension that may have been built up over time. I'm sure you can agree that smartphones and social media are great ways to stay in touch with long lost friends or people you admire but it should not be the only way you communicate with your spouse. If all you do is text.. When do you make time to sex? Come on release and express your inner thoughts all whilst getting your grove on! 

It can be tough trying to balance motherhood, wife, employee, and still remain a hottie to your significant other but if you stop texting and start actually sexing in the morning,this just might be another relationship challenge you've mastered!  

Signed Tinzley Bradford "Love Coach for Moms"

The Love Coach for Moms! 


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